HTML has a cousin. And it also has angle brackets.

XQIB allows you to program client-side Web applications with XQuery instead of, or as a complement to JavaScript. It works in most modern browsers (IE9, Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 8+, Safari 5) and does not require the installation of any plugin.

A W3C Standard.

XQuery is a W3C standard, just like HTML and XML, and is perfectly tailored for working with HTML, XML and REST. This means more elegant programs and less code. Moreover, by using an XQuery Web application server (such as MarkLogic or Sausalito) in conjunction with XQIB, having the same language on both the server and the client side allows you to reuse your code.

Get started

The best way to discover XQIB is to directly take a look at the Samples

Some more technical details are given in the Documentation

To start coding, you can download XQIB here and drop it on your server (no client installation required): Download (XQIB JS 0.8 Beta)


If you need any help, have any questions, or would like to be involved in XQIB-related discussions, you can register to our mailing list:


Alternatively, you can just send an e-mail to to only ask a question to the list.

Bug reports and feature requests are managed by the MXQuery project (the XQuery engine behind XQIB):

MXQuery support page

It's open-source

This is an open-source project. The MXQuery source (which contains XQIB) is available Here.

If you would like to have the latest (nightly) revision, it is available Here.